hilton mortuary facilitiesOur beautifully designed building was engineered by some of the best architects that the Charleston area has to offer. As a result of our collaborative efforts, we have successfully incorporated state of the art technology with innovative designs to deliver a structure that is aesthetically sound and captivating. It was specifically designed with customer gratification in mind.

The grounds are elegantly landscaped and driver friendly. Our amenities include a breathtaking Chapel complemented by a cathedral ceiling and lavish seating, a relaxing Slumber room, full-size Casket and Urn display room and a spacious Arrangement Conference Room.

It is our goal to allude to the essence of tranquility during this emotional time with dignity funeral plans. 

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View of inside lobby

View of Chapel

visitation a
View of visitation room A
visitation b
View of visitation room B

Please contact us at (843) 619-7130


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